How to write a ratio as a simplified fraction to decimal chart

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Fraction to Decimal Calculator

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Ratio to Fraction Calculator

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Decimal to Fraction Conversion Calculator

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Fraction to Decimal Calculator

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For example, comparing dogs and cats, boys and girls, or students and teachers can all be turned into a ratio or fraction, in which there is a numerator and a denominator.

Simplifying a Ratio of Decimals

Although most times, ratios are seen with a colon symbol, they are conceptually similar to fractions and can be simplified like fractions as well. Percent to fraction. Percent can be thought of as a ratio with a base of Ratios can be written as fractions.

So to convert a percent to a fraction we make the numerator on the top the percent value and make the denominator at the bottom Fraction to Decimal Calculator. This calculator will reduce the entered fraction into simplest form and then convert the simplified fraction into a decimal number.

Convert from a Fraction to a Decimal

Plus, the calculator will show its work, including the reduction process and the long division you would use if you were converting fractions to decimals manually. Jun 21,  · This video provides two examples of determining the simplified fraction form of a ratio involving decimals and fractions.

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How to write a ratio as a simplified fraction to decimal chart
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Decimal to Fraction Calculator