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Balban made serious distinction between high born and lowborn.

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Unit I Meaning and Perspectives: Balban did not agree to meet a rich merchant of Delhi who was prepared to hand over all of his property in return of an interview with the Sultan. However he proved himself to be more than an equal for them. Similarly Amir Khan, governor of Awadh was hanged at the city gate for his failure to curb a rebellion in Bengal.

Their women and children were made slaves. He played the role of a kingmaker. Balban brought about security and peace to his subjects. He was sitting in the court when the news of the death of his beloved eldest son Muhammad was delivered to him, but he continued his administrative work without showing even a little sign of sorrow on his forehead.

The colonizing power typically made use of a divide-and-rule strategy in which local ethnic groups were pitted against one another so as to forestall organized resistance to colonization.

President Nixon, under increasing pressure to end the war, bombed not just Vietnam but also Laos and Cambodia. Ghiyas-ud-din Balban was a powerful Sultan of Delhi for the period between and He belonged to Slave Dyansty (Mamluk Dynasty). Balban believed in a theory which was similar to that of the Divine Right of Kingship.

He expounded his views in his advice to his son Bughra Khan: “The heart of the king is the special repository of God. paragraph show bow absurd it is 10 attribute to V A. Smith "and others" the kind of belief in the lime of creati on that Makkhllil ' Lal assigns 10 them.

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Kingship Theory of Balban was similar to that of theory of Divine right of kings Divine right of kings, Genghis Khan Words | 6 Pages.

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